Convection Microwave Ovens Broaden Menu Offerings in Healthcare

We have all seen how the major sub franchises like Subway used the microwave convection oven to offer hot subs fast in under 30 seconds.  This new cooking technology combines microwaves with moving the hot air over the product for an even cook.  With this success, convection microwaves are now found in many applications in the food service industry.  By cooking a 14” pizza(fresh dough) in 2 minutes 24 seconds or 24 each chicken wings(frozen) in 3minutes 45 seconds, healthcare establishments are utilizing the so called speed ovens in the following ways:

  • Room Service – Hospitals are achieving satisfaction scores in the 90th percentile by giving the patients what they want to eat when they want it.   Convection microwaves allow for an expanded menu because first they cook fast.  Patients expect good selections and to be served within 30 minutes; a core menu combined with a chefs special can be backed with a speed oven.


  • Grab N’ Go – Why not have your hospital or long term care grab n’ go concept be like Subway?   By doing something more than cold sandwiches and salads to go, you will be meeting  your  customer’s commercial expectations.    By being ventless, the speed oven is versatile and can be added to this kind of retail operation easily.  Requiring one  208 volt connection,  the convection microwave will do pizza, wings, hot sandwiches , etc. and  all add to your profitability.


  • Long Term Care Pantries –  As many long term care campuses expand, having the speed oven in the warming/prepping pantries on the halls where the client are produces a better final product.   Usually meals and transported in bulk and then plated on the halls for residents.  By adding the convection microwave,   the quality of what you are offering will increase. You can have crisp protein really hot ready.

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