Have you had trouble staying fully staffed? Do you need more labor efficiency because it is so valuable? Blast Chillers help overcome labor shortages. Take off the heat by doing batch cooking at earlier times and then hold the product in the blast chiller/freezer. When the holiday rush comes, you are ready. Your blast chilling skills need to be paired with adroitly scheduling kitchen staff to prepare product in advance.  The blast chilling strategy pays off with decreased prep, less labor and faster finishing of product to serve.

For example, your menu includes 200 ea eggs Benedict for a sit down breakfast. Normally, you would need 5-6 staff members to come and work all morning to prep, cook, assemble and serve.  If you do the eggs in advance and blast chill them, you only need to retherm and finish them thus reducing labor that day by as much as 4 FTE’s.  In this case you have produced product over a longer amount of time instead of intermittently making food throughout the day. Modern blast chillers/freezers allow you to hold product for months so you can exploit this benefit as well as you can plan!

Would you like us to perform an analysis on your operation to see if Blast Chilling/Freezing works for you?

Thank you

Hampton Oliver