Tools to Elevate Your Menu Sales with Better Showcasing

We all have eaten out and have been underwhelmed.  You order something and it is not at all what you envisioned.  Managing expectations is important for every operator.  These kinds of situations can be avoided through smart showcasing and merchandising. A customer who can see, smell and inspect a potential menu item is more likely to order and have their expectations met.  Show off your menu assets! To do this you need tools to showcase your menu items and drive sales. Please see:

 Cal Mil Bamboo Display Risers Collection

Visibility – Make some of your menu items the first thing people see when they enter. Vary the height of each items to increase their profile.  Utilize pedestals, risers and boxesin high traffic areas.  Many times you can have a pedestal riser right at the entrance.  An illuminated deli case can also grab attention.   A positive initial customer impression will build confidence.  Give them all the reasons to go ahead and act on their impulse!

Appearance- Properly adorned menu items have greater appeal. Upscale your presentation with a more modern aesthetic. Soup of the day looks better in a copper clad pot on an infrared burner than in a stainless kettle. Ditto fresh sandwiches on a multi wood butcher block indicate freshness. Having your risers in bamboo or natural wood creates a more modern image. Uniquely shaped plates and platters denote your special care in presentation and keep you different.

American Metal Craft Display

 Signage – Just as your menu item should have many different colors, so should your menu signs. Using elegant font, multi-colors and decorative patterns will improve your signage. Use signs that say “fresh” and “clean”; incorporate “today’s” and “popular” and a staff’s “favorite”. Let customers know through signs what people have already enjoyed and approved of on the menu. Graphics can be added to further the appeal.

Proper showcasing of your menu will increase both sales and customer satisfaction. If you would like to speak us, contact  or call us 800-755-4777