Delight Your Customers with Commercial Display Cooking

How many times did that free sample pull you in to buy the Big Cinnamon Roll?  Too many to recall right? So what enticed you? The answer lies in your head; the confluence of seeing the delicious treat and it being so readily available urges you to make the impulse buy.   Commercial Display Cooking has leveraged these dynamics to give you a tool to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. You must create the atmosphere and go where the people are. And you must have a visual and olfactory experience that stops traffic.


Key drivers to success are:

  • Location and Atmosphere – Go where the people are. Really, get your serving and cooking cart where the foot traffic moves. If you are using a theme like Caribbean, then play reggae music. If you can get under illumination that is brighter than the rest of the area, go there.  Busy people like fun in convenient little installments. Give it to them by making it easy and fun to partake in. Lakeside makes a great induction cart that gives you great versatility.

Lakeside Creation Station

  • Personnel – An Engaging chef that can cook and entertain will increase your effectiveness. More than just hawking your product, the chef can solicit the customer for input, jovially prepare the food and ask for feedback.  The customer will give their affirmation and be happier because they had some control in the process. The staff should look great in sharp and clean uniforms.Infrared Cooking Cart
  • Equipment and Layout– Infrared hot plates can go anywhere you have power. Although Propane heating eyes are desired by most cooks, they carry the liability of often violating the fire code. Ingredient prep and presentation are crucial. The ingredient should have vibrant color, prepped neatly and presented in an aesthetically appealing dish. The ingredients should be the first thing the customer sees to inspire confidence. Invest time in selecting the best ingredients; gluten free or organic always show your care for the customers well being.  Nice prep and serving utensils complete the appeal.


Infrared Hot Plate

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