Wagon Train HO! Move your Meals on Carts to the front of the house in Long Term Care


Remember the settlers who loaded up their goods and belongings and ventured out in wagon trains to find a better life?   Like these settlers, many food service directors are loading up their meals and blazing trails across their whole facility. Meal cart technology can put you right in front of your client where they are. Whole mobile set ups are available to include hot counters, cold counters, and beverage carts. Even grab n go mobile display cases are available. Moving away from trays delivered to the resident’s room has been a trend in long term care. See how having the mobile carts to serve meals helps.

  • Getting the Resident Involved –  Getting residents out of their rooms and out into the community via having something a simple as a grab n go available for their meal.  More social interaction will improve mental health; giving the resident some control over what they select provides a greater sense of autonomy.


  • Save on Waste – All you care to eat counter carts save on waste. Self- service buffets allow the customer the freedom of choice and the portion they desire.  Or the client can request the portion size from the server. The residents will love the new arrangement.  You can incorporate various ethnic/ organic food lifestyles into the offerings.


  • Multiple Configurations –  Combine Mealtime Xpress hot and cold counters with Hydration cart to create new venues throughout your facility.  All the Xpress carts have refrigerated or heated storage to meet larger volume needs. 8 Pan understorage with trayslides and side shelves add capability in serving.


We can help you strategize about getting your clients out front and eating communally and increase your customer satisfaction scores. Call us at 1-800-755-4777 or email lisa@dietaryequipment.net