What Type of Ice for the Healthcare Industry?

Many options exist to support the ice demands of the healthcare industry. Within the healthcare Industry, ice is used three different ways: to act as a chewable and palliative food product for patients , to treat external injuries for patients and to support cafeteria operations for patients and employees.  Matching the correct ice type and ice dispensing platform with the type of ice demand will give you the most successful results.


  • Chewable IceChewable ice is the best type for patients who want something to eat but are still on liquids or desire the pleasure from easy to chew ice.  Often called nugget ice, sonic ice, cublet ice or other names,  this ice category is a flake type ice that is compressed back into a small chunk.   Countertop nugget ice and water dispensers are the most common way to dispense this type of ice. These countertop dispensers supply 200-500 lbs of production with 8-40 lbs of storage.



  • Flake iceFlake ice has healthcare applications too.  Traditionally, used as display ice for supermarket and restaurant counters,  flake ice is great for ice packs because it molds well with therapy applications.  Flakers come in many sizes.  For a large sports medicine clinic, you can get a self contained flaker that can produce 400lbs of flake ice with approximately 100lbs of storage. For the  smaller clinics or therapy studios in the retirement home setting, utilizing the undercounter flaker with approx. 200 lbs production and 80 lbs storage will suit  best.


  • Traditional Cube IceThe cafeteria feeding operation will require ice for drink service.    Drink ice comes in crescent, cube, tube and other solid ice formations.  Having an ice maker on top of the soda dispenser is the best scenario to prevent constant manual filling of ice to the dispenser.  However,  when you have a very high demand for ice in a very short amount of time,  utilize large 1000 lb. cubers on 900 lb. storage bins in the back of the house with ice carts to manually fill the dispensers during peak periods.   Estimate using 5lbs of each per cafeteria seat for the day.

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