Serving Line Transformation: Use the Quick Switch Serving Counter to change Hot and Cold wells!


Are you forced into a lesser menu offering because you lack the right number of hot and cold wells in your serving line to serve it properly? Or do you have extra serving wells that you try and cover up during serving period?  Could you use that extra space more efficiently?   Imagine the expansion of your offerings and the joy of your customers if you could switch your serving line from hot to cold and vice versa.  Lowtemp’s Quick Switch serving counter insert gives you the flexibility to better manage your serving line and to expand your menu.  Please note:

  • Flexibility – With both sealed hot food wells and a compressor, you can switch the menu from hot to cold in under 45 minutes. The Quick Switch comes in 1-4 wells and can be used wet or dry.  Manifolded drains are available.  Serve your hot breakfast in the morning and then switch the line up to cold for the sandwich/salad lunch menu.  It is prepped to be a drop in that sits level with the counter and is NSF7.
  • Hot and Cold Simultaneously – With the Quick Switch serving counter, you can have up to a 4 well configuration.  Each well is individually controlled.  For example, at the same time you could have two hot and two cold wells.  You will be able to manage your Taco Bar or Potato Bar with one Counter!  The main product will be under wet heat while you have the cold topping cold right beside.
  • Freezing – The Quick Switch serving counter comes with a freezing feature.  The wells will drop to 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit and allows you to hold and merchandise prepackaged frozen treats!  These are nice margin items to add to your profitability. Get your counter on casters and you have a ready-made Kiosk for anywhere you have demand and the utilities.

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Please call us and let us help you with your next Quick Switch serving counter.  You will love it!

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