Silencio! Quiet Meal Delivery Carts Promote Faster Patient Healing

Quiet meal delivery carts benefit   you and your patient. Noise can be such a stressor for patients that it is proven to be detrimental to their healing process. Therefore, noisy hospital environments can increase patient costs. The government does consumer surveying with inpatients so that it can reimburse entities that are getting better results. The survey asks “How often was the area around your room kept quiet at night?” Well, did your meal delivery cart have noisy casters or clanging doors? Enter the meal delivery cart built to be seen but not heard. Here are the biggest sounds a meal delivery truck can create:

  • Pop –  You old cart goes” pop”  when the stainless steel is deflecting slightly and then “pops” back into shape.  New designs keeps the stainless’ form in constant shape and combine with sound deadening  so that there are no bending noises.psdtt10_image_17__23213__18198-1446228514-1280-1280
  • Clickety Clack – Old casters run over uneven quarry tile and then out into the hospital wings get worn  and uneven.  You can hear this problem a long ways off too.   High performance casters( think more like tires) suppress noise and they also have covers for the bearings.
  • Bang – Old tray rack systems inside traditional meal delivery carts often rest on pins and create a banging noise as they jump up and down.  The same goes for hitting other objects when being pushed.  On new units Full perimeter bumpers prevent noise and damage with their red vinyl bumper. Internal engineering secures the tray rack inside so it won’t create noise in transport.
  • Snap – The doors on the old carts can be slammed shut and go “snap” when they hit the door catch and snap into place. Magnetic door closing systems stop the “snaps”.


Got a headache thinking about it? Let us relieve your duress(and the patient’s) by helping you with the new quiet meal delivery carts. Please call Lisa at 1-800-755-4777 or email