Shrink Your Satellite Mini Kitchen with Modular Holding Cabinets In Healthcare


Mini kitchens have produced many benefits in the long term care scenarios. You are getting fresh cooked meals, clients don’t have to walk as far, a la carte dining gives patients more choice, fresh cooking tastes better and clients love to take more control of what they eat. Why not accomplish all of that and continue to shrink your foot print? Enter the modular holding cabinet. Featuring holding technology that keeps food fresh, this cabinet has benefits and applications below:

  • Savings – A minimal investment is made to purchase the modular warmer and then you are able to eliminate the steam table and griddle.   There is less equipment to maintain and to purchase. Instead food from the main kitchen is held in the modular holding cabinets and residents are pleased with being able to get a fresh , hot meal without having to go to the main dining room.


  • Versatility – The holding cabinets are modular so that they can be configured in many orientations such as counter, undercounter, stack vertical or side by side. You can even arrange to have your modular holding cabinets set up to be mounted like an overshelf and thereby saving even more room. You can also expand your menu selection when you bring in food from your main kitchen.


  • Technology – Combining small compartments with pans that are covered, the modular heating cabinet prevents moisture loss and food deterioration and extends holding times. Many large fast food chains are now cooking up their chicken breasts and hamburgers on the grill and then holding them. You get fresh from the grill quality and improved consistency. Checkers, Nathans and Bojangles are using this technology now. Serving speed increases too.


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