Mini-Kitchens Can Provide Maximum Performance in Long Term Care

Many long term care campuses get stretched as they grow.  By adding wings or new floors, the distance from the main kitchen to dining areas increases and at the same time, more residents have ever diverse tastes.   One wing might be rehab or dementia and another could have independent residents.   Having a walking grab n’ go feature is another crowd pleaser but presents challenges. Here is how many operators are addressing growth:

  • Ventless – You need a small kitchen where there was no infrastructure for and exhaust system.  Many ventless technologies exist that allow cook to order.   Ventless speed ovens are great for hors d’oeuvres and finishing your main entrees.   Even 3 pan steamers and combi ovens are often permitted to be utilized on the counter. They also come in ventless configurations.  Ventless griddles are available in electric only.
  • Main Entrée Holding –  You have seen the largest fast food franchise in the world hold their product in modular heating drawers, ready to be dispensed on demand.  Research shows that modular heating can hold a product for up to 90 minutes without any change in quality. creation_staion
  • Induction –  Integral to an cook to order menu, induction cooking is fast and allows easy customization. Being small, the induction cookers can go anywhere you would like to demo cook also. Always have you higher end induction cook wear to help sell the experience.
  • Grab N’ Go Carts –   Going mobile with wrapped breakfast and lunch choices and including salads provides convenience and an easy platform to overcome distances.  More than just a three tier cart, the newer carts have eutectic cold plates, under counter storage and great carpet casters.

Foodservice technology open doors to having more cooking closer to where you residents live. Can we help you prepare your next mini-kitchen?  Just contact us at or call 1-800-755-4777 and ask for Lisa.  Thanks!