Design Features to Make your POD Meal Delivery System More Efficient

POD meal delivery systems have replaced many traditional trayline conveyor make up systems.   Often those hospitals who migrate to the POD system, utilize much of their existing trayline equipment.  Plate lowerators, air curtains, heated cabinets, etc.  all adapt well to the small scale, lean cell POD tray make up.  Obviously, repurposing the equipment reduces changeover costs.   However,  please find below design features that can turn a makeshift POD into a more efficient one.   Consider:


  • Overhead Shelving – Think of the basic tray starter design and apply it to the hot food table.  Extra shelving above centralizes more product and work in front on the FTE who is plating hot food.  Shelves can slanted and slotted for wrapped entrée dispensing.   Even modular heated cabinets can be suspended above the hot food counter for easy reach.


  • Ergonomics – Good ergonomics lead to faster execution of tray assembly in a POD system.   The 2-3 assemblers in the lean work cell should be no more than one step away from the items they need to finalize the tray. Making work as natural as possible includes organizing the highest volume product closest to the worker.
  • Tray Movement –  Without a conveyor line, the tray is now passed from the hot food area to the cold food/ beverages area.  This single motion can be help by a roller enhanced sliding area above the tray starter that allows  the finisher to work on two trays and move them gently without having to actually pick them up.

Implementing  the design features will make your POD system more efficient;  in addition, your workers will thank you for providing a better work environment.  Visit our POD equipment offering at our web site  Or call us at 1-800-755-4777.  Thank you again!