Right Sizing The Menu for Your POD Meal Delivery System with the Right Equipment

POD Tray Make Up systems depart from all of the traditional 7-28 meal cycles. Each lean cell in the POD Meal delivery system is responsive enough to accept menu orders the same day.  Therefore, a modified restaurant menu selection can be offered to the patients either phoned in or taken orally by hosts.   The best POD systems utilize equipment to create a menu  that both broadens selection, increase quality and removes waste from the system.  Please note:

  • Hot Food Well–  Usually a 5 well hot food table, this counter will hold the chef’s special of the day and  one or two other entrées plus some hot sides.  Because the size of the hot food counter determines how many basic entrees you serve, having a 6 well unit will add capacity but not slow the FTE who is plating the hot food.


  • Heated Cabinet/Modular Holding Cabinet Placed next to the hot line, you can have your all American menu favorites like hamburgers, grill cheese deli sandwiches, etc.  The short order entrees can be held in a heated cabinet for up to 60 minutes with high food quality.


  • Air Curtain Refrigerators – Placed where the host can finish the trays with all the necessary cold items, the air curtain refrigerator is great for visibility and height.  You have lots of product that is easy to see and much of it at full cabinet height. Here,  you can combine milk, beverage, salad dressing, jello, etc  sides . It is easier to have 2 air curtains in a POD than several different types of refrigerated cabinets.  Note that since you have upgraded the menu, actually limiting the cold choices to two increases efficiency without hurting the patient’s overall perceived value.


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