Can I Add Room Service to My POD Meal Delivery System?

Have you wondered about the capacity of your POD meal delivery system?  If you have departed from traditional tray make up and initiated a POD meal delivery system for your hospital, you now enjoy more speed in assembling trays, more patient satisfaction with greater menu choice and the employees have taken more ownership in serving the meals.  With the lean work cell of 1 hot food FTE and two assemblers/deliverers, the POD system is a platform to offer a modified room service. Make note:

  • POD Efficiency – the POD system assembles trays faster and wholly. That is, you can get a tray ready in under 15 seconds with one final assembler to ensure correctness. Speed in turn increases food quality.
  • Menu Selection – POD production employs expanded menus that center on a core group of favorites served every day plus the chef’s special for the day.  More menu choice imitates a restaurant experience.
  • Patient Segmentation – With the POD system set up, selective room service can be applied for the segment of patients that desire it most.  Simply patients that call in their orders could get a room service experience.

With the efficiency, selection and segmentation capacity of POD meal delivery systems, you can take orders today for meals served that day whether called in or taken by a hostess.  The trade-off is that you may elevate some labor costs without achieving all of the room service food cost savings. However,  patient satisfaction score have historically risen.

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