Hospital Room Service: What Equipment do I need?

Implementing room service is all about making up individual meals tickets and delivering them on time.  Systemizing all critical activities will mean lots of training and a motivated workforce.  So what equipment will you need to support a full room service operation?  Here is the equipment by stage:


  • Prep – All food preparation will be ready down to serving size, much the day before. All the classic prep equipment such as slicers, mixers, s/s tables and undercounter refrigeration still apply but you will need blast chillers to have many items ready for the next day at the highest food quality.


  • Cooking –  Think about an expanded short order area.  The most common room service menus require a fryer, griddle, charbroiler, conveyor taster, stovetop, Convection microwave, pasta cooker and  plate dispensers.  For large scale operations, a chef suite counter can be the most efficient use of space.


  • Trayline Assembly – Tray assembly staff grabs the hot and cold food and consolidates them with the condiments, silverware and beverages etc.  Using your existing tray make up line along with the air screen refrigerators, milk coolers.  IF you have smaller meal delivery carts, they will be fine. You would not need anything else larger that 8-10 trays.


  • Room Service Software –  Multiple providers offer software to run the room service system.  Incoming meal calls are input into a touch screen, a printer prints tickets, at the end you have another monitor for quality assurance check and to record completion of meal.

If you need any assistance with your hospital room service equipment, please contact, 800-755-4777.  We would be delighted to help you!