Hospital Patient Ice Dispenser: Scotsman’s Meridian™ Series Improves Satisfaction

Yes , you can get satisfaction from an ice dispenser that makes the maintenance, foodservice and patients all happy!

 Cast off old loud fan motors; forget the accumulation of back up condensers. Envision a healthcare scenario where all stakeholders  can serve, maintain and enjoy the softest ice in the industry. 

 Enter the Meridian™ Series Nugget Ice Dispensers by Scotsman. Designed specifically for healthcare, the HID525 is built for reliable performance.


Consider what is important to everybody involved:

  • PatientsOn a hospital or assisted living wing, background noise can dampen the atmosphere. With the Meridian™ Ice Dispenser you have  improved condenser fan function  for quietude.  In addition, you get the chewable nugget ice that has the softest composition over the competition.  Great ice in a great environment support patient health and satisfaction

  • Foodservice Staff – Staff will have to fill many types of  cups and packs with ice in any given day.  Best–in-class sensors sense start and duration of dispensing.  The Meridian™ Scotsman Ice Dispenser features an enlarged dispensing envelop and offset spouts to accommodate a variety of containers. Quick, easy ice fills without waste will enable staff to work more efficiently.

  • Maintenance Personnel – Many existing ice dispensing systems require an inventory scotsmand_maint_HID.jpgof back up condensers or frequent lubrication of the bearings internally.   With the Scotsman Meridian™  Ice dispenser you don’t have to have extra condensers on hand because the reliability built in.  In addition, the bearings are greaseless so there is less maintenance. Any ice machine requires cleaning but  helpful features include external air filter, removable sink and grill and purpose built spout design which all add up to faster and easier cleaning.

The Scotsman Meridian™  Ice machines will produce 260 to 500 lbs of ice a day and from 12 – 40 lbs of ice storage.

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