Long Term Care and the Communal, Country Kitchen

Eating at the dining room or getting a grab n’ go at the espresso bar have long been the choice for independent living , long term care residents.   Likewise, they can prepare their own food in their rooms equipped with an economy kitchenette.  However,   most resident do lack the access to a full sized kitchen.   Enter the new country kitchen.   Positioned in the main great room,  the communal kitchen allows residents and staff to cook alongside each other. The benefits of the country kitchen include:

  • Integration of Staff and residents –  The country kitchen facilitate staff and residents working with each other side by side.  Also the residents take more ownership in being involved in their own care and feel as though they are a part of the family.  The country kitchen for long term care meets the main goal of having the residents do as much as possible for themselves for a long as they can.cooking_seniors


  • Stimulation –  The activity of prepping and cooking is a social interaction. The blended kitchen environment also provides purpose;  that is, all the activities in preparing a meal elevates and helps maintains cognitive function.    The collaborative effort makes for social fun!


  • Location and Equipment – The country kitchen is best located near you grab n’ go and dining area.  Many residents will not choose to participate but will enjoy being able to sit with the group with their own meal already prepared.  Heavy commercial kitchen equipment is not suited to the country kitchen.  Residents desire to use familiar appliance like simple ranges, ovens, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerator, etc.  Having the kitchen stocked with plenty of cookware and utensils is important too. For those in wheelchairs, lowered counters help with accessibility.


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