Does a Quiet Hotel Ice Dispenser Exist? Yes!

We  have all been there. You arrive late at the hotel, tired from your trip.You need sleep before that big presentation in the morning. Only to find that your room is right by the hotel’s ice dispenser.You already know, Mr. Sandman’s not coming tonight.

But instead, you wake up the next morning full of life! You are ready for the day! That is because you were smart enough to stay in a quality hotel that cares about it’s guest and has chosen a quiet hotel ice dispencer.

Scotsman’s iceValet®  Hotel Ice Dispensers are quiet because:

  • Poly Rotocast Liner – Inside the bin, the ploy rotocast liner keeps the ice maker’s out put from being heard.
  • Sound Baffling – The fan and air movement  sounds of the ice machine go through a baffle to lower noise
  • Production Timing – Program your hotel ice dispenser to produce ice during the day instead of the night which will result less noise from ice dropping into the bin

This Quiet Hotel Ice Dispenser also features:


  • Large Sink Accommodates Most Ice Buckets
  • Push Chute for Easy Ice Dispensing
  • Attractive Metallic Cabinet Design
  • Foam Insulation provides Longer Ice Supply

 Scotsman’s iceValet®  Hotel dispensers are available in 22” and 30” wide models and with 120 to 180 lbs of storage capacity.


A removable top panel for easy bin access- allows for cleaning and servicing without removing the ice machine head.


Pair it with a Scotsman Prodigy Plus Ice Maker that features self-monitoring technology and cost-saving energy efficiency.(See Prodigy C0330, C0530, C0630 and C0830 ice machines.)



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