A Great Serving Line Experience Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

When we hear the word “Line”, our first thought is to head for the door. Instead of having customers leave or become agitated, what if you could you make your serving line a conversation piece?  Changing your customers perceptions will come when your patrons are too busy admiring the style to notice the wait. How is this possible you ask? Glad you did! – Go grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and let’s chat.


  • Technology – With the advancement in technology, serving lines have come a far ways. There are Hot Food/ Cold food combinations with 1-6 well configurations. From grab ‘n go heated merchandising to mechanical, manual, and gas, storage no storage and mobile stationary you get the idea. You have a broad equipment selection to provide a diverse menu.
  • Design-Now let’s talk design. We can help you design a serving line that enables customers to move through quickly and showcase your items that maximize profit. Our facia and counter material choices include stainless steel, Corian, granite, and laminate just to name a few.DKE_CAP_BRO_HEALTHCARE-final-lowres_Image_11.jpg
  • Branding– Did you know you can have any design or logo added to your Serving Lines, color coordinate to match your wall, (check out the pictures) or be in fashion with the latest trend, build your Serving Line 36” long to 136” long?Let_Us_Personalize_Your_Serving_LineWHT.jpgColorpoint_Counters_with_counter_front_graphics_and_Visions_station_signs.jpg

To find out more on pricing and customizing a serving line specific to your needs email Coline at cstephens@dietaryequipment.net or call 1-800-755-4777.

Most importantly, Serving Lines will keep your Food at the right temperature ensuring the safety of your patrons and less spoilage to your bottom line.