No Brainer! LT Maintenance Contracts Prove Their Worth in Commercial Kitchens

Does “pay me now” disturb you when you are laying out money for preventative maintenance? Or does the prospect of early catastrophic equipment failure and product loss scare you more?   Reluctance to make investments in preventative maintenance does save money but in the long term are you paying more through shortened lifecyles? Weigh these factors in your approach to maintenance:

  • In House Maintenance Staff – If you have technicians in your facility who have been given training and time by management to do the in house maintenance, you are truly fortunate.  However, most institutions use subcontractors to make repairs.  Think grounds maintenance; its like cutting the grass to keep the weeds(problems) down.  Hiring a qualified outside technician can save you money.  Ask the food service director who spent $40,000 over the life of a flight type dishwasher in repairs.  A motor here and there really adds up.  Not to mention the stop cost of going to paper while the dishwasher is down.
  • Hot Equipment – Be selective in what you get priced for preventative maintenance.  For example, gas ranges, microwaves, heated cabinets really just need to stay clean – in the basic sense.  You don’t need to disable the whole unit to do the work.  However,  keeping your fryer filter operating a maximum and equipment that has hot water like steamers, combis and kettles, I would definitely recommend doing PM on them.  Hard water unchecked can greatly affect the capability and life of this equipment.icemachinesumpcleaner
  • Cold Equipment – PM is a no brainer for the longevity for your walk in coolers, reach ins and ice machines.   Cleaning and sanitizing your ice maker with 4 week freqeuncy will add 2 years t their life – same goes for refrigerations.  The ROI is there!


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