Long Term Care Embraces Seniors’ Preference for Notable Foodservice Experiences

As long term care constantly evolves, independent living and mobile seniors expect a quality dining experience.   They bring their collective dining out experiences into long term care and have a higher level of discernment.  These sophisticated tastes require the food service director to bring more variety in an enjoyable setting.   We recently completed a project that was an upscale great room in a long term facility.  Here are the equipment features that the seniors enjoyed the most:


  • Self Serve Espresso Machines –  Not the kind of equipment that a trained barista operates,  the new self serve espresso machines produce a restaurant level quality product.     Paired with the espresso machine is a limited selection of Danish.  Together, you have both a convenient and quality experience in a classy setting.  These machines cost in the$ 7,000 –$ 10,000 range but the ROI is there.


  • Dining Bar Area –   Clad in high end millwork and alit with stylish light fixtures, the dining bar area is the social hub for independent living seniors.    With an exhaust hood, the four induction ranges in the bar provide plenty of capacity to cook up individual orders that can be verbally customized.  The bar also includes a wine refrigerator, speed rail for alcohol, and a sink.   Libations and freshly cooked food produce the kind of experiences seniors want; that is, they feel like they are out but actually are not.


  • Meal Carts – Another trend seniors enjoy is having their meals served off a cart to them.  Primarily used in skilled nursing areas,  carts with 2-3 hot wells with cold storage underneath allows for breakfast items, sandwiches  and salads.  In these areas the server must know the dietary concerns of each patient such as blood sugar level, etc.

Do you require your operation updated for the upscale experience that long term care seniors expect?  Let us know and contact us at sales@dietaryequipment.net  or 1-800-755-4777.  Thanks Again!