What is a Combi Oven?

A combi oven takes the strengths of the convection oven and the convection steamer and uses the heat and the steam to cook product faster with better results.  A basic combi oven can:rational-combi-oven

  1. Convection steam to cook rice and vegetables or to poach fish and eggs
  2. Convection heat to bake pastries or breads  and low moisture products
  3. Convection heat and convection steam in stages to finish products like breads
  4. Combine heat and steam to cook foods  that have moisture in them already like roasting meat and frying frozen productsfull_sie_combi

Major Benefits of Combi Oven Cooking

  • Recall that heat transfers more efficiently in moist air than dry air.  Therefore, combination cooking allows you to cook faster at higher temperatures.
  • With moisture in your oven cavity you lessen the chance of drying out the product.  Image the cost savings of keeping 15% more of the product you serve, particularly meat products.
  • Combi ovens can have their humidity levels controlled from 0-100%.  You can program the combi oven to perform most any cooking function to include baking, roasting, steaming, proofing, rethermalizing, sous vide and frying.
  • Programmable cooking makes it easy for any employee to simply put the product in the oven and press the icon for that product to cook it.  Time, heat and moisture levels are already programmed in.

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