Water Filtration Strategy: Implementing a Common Sense Approach

Reasons abound for using water filters on commercial food service equipment: improved taste and odor, less sediment, reduction of Chlorine, preventing scale build up, increasing equipment longevity and inhibiting bacteria growth.  However, common sense must rule on the using water filtration in the long term.  Effective strategies include:

Positioning – An ice maker that has a filtration system installed behind the unit is soon forgotten.  Out of sight – Out of mind.  After six months, these filters clog and actually impede water flow to your equipment and cause further problems.  A visible location will keep the issue in front you.  A dirty filter does get your attention.

Replacement Inventory – Many times filters are not replaced due to a lack of easy access to replacement cartridges.  In the long term,  have a year’s supply on hand.   You will need to replace the cartridge every six months; if you live in an area with hard water, be prepared to change out your cartridge every 3 months.

Extended Warranties – Some equipment manufacturers will offer extended warranties if you can demonstrate the use of a filter.   Particularly for steamers, documenting use and cartridge change outs with invoices can give you extra coverage should an issue come up with something like scale, etc.  Traditionally, extra protection must be utilized when the equipment is started up new.

Your water filtration strategy will be as effective as your long term plan for monitoring and documenting.  Thanks!!  See us at www.dietaryequipment.net