How to Evaluate Blast Chillers for you

With the USDA guidance on the food danger zone extending from 140 F to 40 F, selecting the correct blast chiller for you operation is paramount.  Here are three criterion to evaluate your prospective Blast chiller acquisition:

  • Speed –Different brands make claims on how fast they bring product own to temperature.  The speed at which they can do this affects food texture, flavor and appearance.  Having your batch drop down in 90 minutes is a good standard to measure prospective brands.


  • Container size –Many brands may promote how fast they can bring down a 2/12” deep pan of vegetables.  However,  do their speed claims apply to a 4” or 6”deep pan of lasagna?  Make sure their speed meets your container size utilization


  • Probes –What about chilling different products at the same time?  You will need this versatility;  without multiple probes on your blast chiller,  you can only guess at the unmonitored product.  Always specify the multiple probe option when purchasing blast chillers.

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