Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machines Make Life Easier

Are  you confident that your commercial ice machine is working well? How  do you know if your commercial ice machine is under performing, dirty or getting ready for a total failure? What  kind of information are you getting to make decisions about your ice production?  When  something goes wrong and you are forced to run pick up bag ice to cover your needs, how much extra time and money are you spending?

With the Prodigy Ice machine line, Scotsman has resoundingly answered these questions and gives you tools to make your life easier.   Instead of a black box approach where you hit the panic mode upon loss of production, Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machines keep you informed all the way. CO530MA_Scotsman_Ice_Machine.jpg

The Scotsman CO530MA-1 is one example of the broad Prodigy line from 300 lb. cubers to 2000 lb. cuber. You have tools to avoid break downs and keep your ice production going strong.

 Please note:

  • Visual Reminders – AutoAlert features use LED lights to signal when it is time to descale, sanitize and more. You can keep up with your Prodigy Ice Machine’s overall status too.
  • Ice Production Control – Vari-Smart lets you program ice levels in your bin for up to seven days. Why waste ice and utility cost for producing ice during one of your downtimes? With the ultrasonic ice level control, you can keep just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin.
  • Reduced Cleaning – Scotsman uses a patented technology call Watersense to proactively control water during the ice making process which purges the when necessary resulting in reduced scale build up. You don’t have to descale as much which saves you time.
  • Transparent Monitoring – Use the Smart Board option to allow all the critical operating data to transmit so you can see if all key processes are in line from your phone. If you have an issue, you will know what part of the machine failed and be able to address it faster.


Can we help you with your Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine questions? 

Contact us to help you quantify how much your ice making process can beWork_Smarter_Not_Harder.jpgimproved.

The average new Prodigy owner saves $281.00 annually in operating costs.