BioZone IceZone®; Sanitation System for All Ice Machines

Are you interested in an automatic, chemical-free way to sanitize your ice machine?  IceZone® uses UV technology to inhibit the growth of mold, slime and bacterial build up. The IceZone® system works with new or current ice machines. IceZone® provides sanitization on the inside and outside of your ice machine and bin. IceZone® cleans without taking your ice machine apart and helps to eliminate odors.Image.jpg

Simply attach IceZone® to the outside of your ice machine and let it go to work for you!  It begins immediately to eliminate costs for wasteful chemical and cleaning processes.Saving money, time and labor.

3 models to choose from:

IZ-X-10 for ice and water dispensersizx30.jpg

IZ-X-20 for ice machines that produce 400 lbs and under

IZ-X-30 for ice machines that produce over 400 lbs


*Can be installed on any new or current ice machine

*Sanitizes interior 24 hours a day

*Kills germs by destroying bacteria in the air and on surface

*Removes odor

*Chemical free

*Maintenance free- requires simple annual UV lamp replacement

* Installation kit included

For More Information About the BioZone IceZone® Sanitation System contact