Ventless Commercial Dishwashers Combine Ease of Installation with Energy Savings

Do you need to install a dishwasher where venting the steam is impossible or prohibitively expensive? Have you been running a rack dishwasher that has no venting but needs it? Both challenges lead to a great deal of expense or wet walls and ceiling tile that could cause mold. Go Ventless!  Ventless dishwashers have reliable technology to do away with long ductwork that winds through a building.  Moreover, ventless commercial dishwashers are your pathway to a greener dishroom. Consider how your operation will benefit from a ventless dishwasher:

  • Negates the Need for Ductwork – By using a condensate removal option you can install the Champion Genesis DH-5000-VHR ventless dishwasher anywhere. If you are in a basement, high rise or want to save on the dishwasher ductwork and venting, this dishwasher is right for you.  At the end of the wash cycle when the dishwasher is in final rinse mode, the resultant steam is recovered. The vapor is turned into water and utilized again.


  • Heat Recovery – The ventless option makes you more efficient too. Heat recovery refers to the process of removing the latent energy in steam and reutilizing it to create more heat for the booster. When your dishwasher is in final rinse mode, it will draw less KW because the heat recovery is supplying the needed heat for rinse.
  •  Configurations – The Champion DH5000T ventless commercial dishwasher can come in 208 or 480 voltage and be configured for straight through operation or corner operation. With a 37 racks per hour capacity, you can get your ware cleaned quickly.


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