How To Make Breaking Up Hard To Do: Investing In The Proper Dish Racks

Tired of breaking dishes and glassware? Tired of not getting dishes properly cleaned? Then it’s time to invest in the proper dish racks for cleaning and storage.

Glass racks are designed to safely accommodate 9 to 49 glasses per rack, depending on the size of the glass. Measure the widest diameter of your glass to determine the number of compartments and measure the height to determine if extenders are needed.  Extenders increase the dishrack height to reduce breakage of china and glassware. Refer to the glass rack sizing guide on our website.

Peg_rack.jpgFlat racks are designed for washing large bowls and pots or pans. Peg racks hold plates or trays upright for better cleaning. Open-end tray racks accommodate larger trays and sheet pans. Silverware can be washed in flatware racks or in compartmented cutlery basket racks.

Dishes can be easily transported by stacking racks on a rack dolly and also kept sanitary with the use of dishrack covers.