Building a Better Soiled Dishtable: Saves on Labor, Utilities & Ware


How often does your dishwashing personnel turn over? And do the ones you keep prevent breakage and loss of ware?  Come on – come clean!   The workers at the soiled dishtable need to have the assets and training to avoid injuries and wasted movement, be able to prevent breakage and or loss of ware and save on water consumption. Wouldn’t you like a longer term employment relationship with your dishwashers and enable them to contribute the success of the team?  Consider this as you design your next soiled dishtable area:

  • Water Saving Technology –  Disposers  can be enabled with water savers to dispense water as it is needed in the drain.  Check your prerinse hose; water saving nozzles can efficiently wash your ware and save on water.   Having a trough instead of a scrap sink can allow you to employ a disposer set up that recirculates your brown water for scrapping instead of sending fresh water down the drain.
  • Labor and Time savings – Manually pushing dish racks does stress the body.  Fatigue and injuries can result.  Try instead a power roller system that will have the rack move and then slide with gravity rollers into the load end of the dishwasher.   We can design this in for you.
  • Ware Savings –    Are you placing silverware orders every month and plate/bowl order frequently?   Utilize scrap magnets for all scrapping locations to include the trough, disposer and trash can.   Match this with an investment in NSF rated floor mats.  The floor mats are anti-fatigue and anti-slip but they also serve as a forgiving surface for dropped ware and prevent chipping.


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