How Much Can I Save? Commercial Dishwasher Energy Audits

Do the operating costs of running your dishwasher make steam come out your ears?Do you have a commercial dishwasher that you have kept on repairing and now it is over 5 years old?   Chances are you have an energy hog on your hands that does not reuse its heat and consumes a great amount of water.   If you are consuming a large amount of water, then you are keeping the cleaning chemical company happy too.   We know utilities will only go higher so how can we keep our food service operating costs down?  Moreover, how can we make our dishwashing operation better for our environment?  I have done an audit on a large 10 year old commercial flight type dishwasher and found operating saving of over $20,000 annually!! An energy audit for your commercial dishwasher can give you the savings and return on investment to come into the new standards.  Please note:

  • Final Rinse Water Consumption – Through engineering of the rinse chamber in conveyor and flight type dishwashers, rinse water can drop as much as 75% – a very large savings.  Also, the sewage cost will fall by the same factor too because there is less water to drain away


  • Booster Heat –  See all that steam going up your hood or duct?  This is latent energy that can be reused to heat the booster water.  Heat recovery options allow you to capture steam and recycle it to heat water.  Heat recovery is another area for conveyors and flight type dishwashers where you can drop your utility bills.  Though this option is an extra on standard commercial dishwashers, the return on investment is usually within the first two years.
  • Machine KW – With dishwashers that have electric tank heat, you can save along with the motor consumption approximately 15% on the electric bill.  Depending on how much you run your dishwasher,  that can add up too.


  •  energyauditservice250x250Do you have questions about your existing commercial dishwasher?  Are your curious about how much you could save by upgrading your dishwasher? We are able to do an energy audit comparison  and provide your return on Investment.  Press the button below to get started on your energy audit.