Use a Slow Speed Grinder to Eliminate Waste in the Dishroom

Slow Speed Grinders(SSG) reduce waste more efficiently and quietly then pulpers in commercial dishrooms.   Pulpers do reduce solid waste up to 8 to 1 and use recycled water to do it. However, you can reduce the noise in your dishroom by using an SSG. Moreover, the SSG is easier to maintain and clean. The SSG has uses existing, tried technology in grinding and applies it as follows:

  • Nosie and Vibration – the SSG drastically reduces the noise and vibration because you are using a grinding mechanism instead of a typical rotating plate. Instead of  louder disposer type noise, the SSG produces  more of a low hum.ssg_slow_speed_grinder
  • Dewatering the Solids – the SSG utilizes a centrifuge process with a spinning screw and screen as opposed to a traditional dewatering screw press.  Because this works like a wringer washer to extract water, it drastically increased the extraction process.  As a result, a dryer lighter weight product is produced.
  • Water Management – Existing pulper technologies pump in freshwater and then recycle it as a slurry.  The new SSG technology, as a low flow system,  takes water saving a step further by using water from the dishwasher and conveyor.   Used water in the dishwasher prerinse tank can be piped over to facilitate the SSG’s own type of slurry.
  • Combine with Dehydrator  –  Once an SSG had reduced your waste, it can be conveyed over to the dehydrator to have indirect heat to get food waste down between a 90 and 95 percent dry state. food-waste-reduction

See the video here.

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