A Stronger, Faster Hospital Kiosk: How to Improve Kiosk Performance

If your kiosk moved people through faster, how many more customers would utilize the kiosk? If you could decrease labor, how much more profitable could you be?  And if you increased menu capacity within the same foot print, would your client perceive more value?  Many elements drive the success of a kiosk to include: speed, convenience, location, menu selection and quality, FTE training and more.  Here are some ways to increase your Kiosk’s success:


  • Digital Touch Screen Ordering –  Rather than placing your order with a cashier, you can have clients use  a digital touchscreen  to place their own order which gives them more privacy, accuracy and personalization of their order.  At the same time,  you can save labor or time on the ordering receiving activity.   Younger consumers actually expect to be able to use technology to order.


  • Equipment Selection–  If your kiosk is now staffed by one person, having the right equipment at the right place increases speed.  With a make-up station ergonomically placed, the FTE can reach all items within 1 step and face forward toward the customer during final preparation.  Equipment like convection microwaves decrease footprint and can produce a large range of menu items.  Induction cook stations with downdraft vent module mean you can pan cook anything on a small footprint.
  • induction_cook_station_with_downdraft

    Menu Selection – Featuring local food suppliers and organically grown fruits and vegetables creates more of level of trust. Widely used in retail and supermarkets, the local concept married to fast and convenient will improve the kiosks performance.


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