How Much Can An Energy Star Rated Commercial Ice Machine Save You?

When assessing your next commercial ice machine purchase, take into account the value of an Energy Star approved unit.   Energy Star approved equipment saves money on utilities, operates more efficiently and is the most green option for the environment.

  • Ice Cubers – For ice cubers , you can save  approximately 12000 KWH or $130.00 a year in electricity.  Cubers use batch making ice technology which takes them in and out of harvest mode. Energy Star makes this harvest mode more efficient by 15% resulting in annual savings.  Also the Energy Star approved ice cubers are 23% more water efficient.   For an average cuber that is up to a savings of $40 a year.  If you maintain your commercial ice machine and it lasts 12 years, your lifetime average savings would be $2040.00!
  • Ice Flakers and Nugget Machines –For continuous commercial ice machines like nugget and flaker ice machines,   Energy Star has new rating on units that use harvest assist.    Because the ice nugget machine is producing ice continuously, the new technology makes the harvesting go faster so more ice can be produced in the same amount of time.  Lifetime savings here add up to $800-1000 for the lifetime of the commercial ice machine.
  • Incentives –  In the pursuit of green initiatives and dealing with the scarcity of energy supply, many municipalities and utility providers offer financial incentives to go with Energy Star rated commercial ice machines.  Varying state by state, the incentives center on replacing the old unrated equipment with the new  equipment.  The incentives range from $18.00 to $2400.00 so call your local providers and see if you have any that apply to you.


We have access to a more precise calculator on your actual savings.  Please contact to get your savings quantified.  The larger the machine  – the more you save!