Should I Purchase, Lease or Rent My Commercial Ice Machine?

Commercial Ice Machines are an important part of your operation.  So how much money should you invest into your ice making operation? To operate at maximum efficiency, ice makers must be maintained. Good preventative service keeps your commercial ice machine running and is a good investment.  When you take the purchase cost and the lifetime operating cost together, there are three ways to address the overall cost in the method you procure the commercial ice machine.rent_buy

  • Straight Purchase – You have a large initial capital outlay and must take on all preventative and ongoing maintenance expenses.  This approach fits institutions well who have their own maintenance departments and can avoid hiring outside technicians. Also, if you are the motivated type who gets their oil changed every 3000 miles and can apply this passion to ice machine cleaning, then a straight buy is for you.   Good maintenance is key and the straight purchase saves a lot interest expense if you instead financed it.
  • Lease –  Leases benefit the enduser who wants to avoid a large capital purchase outlay.   Leasing offers a variety of options for the term of the lease and the buyout amount.  Generally, lease your commercial ice machine for no more than 3-4 years.  Work with the leasing agent to get a one dollar buyout at the end so you can then own your machine.  Shorter leases are lower risk and generally have lower interest rates.  If you don’ have capital and can maintain your commercial ice machine, leasing may fit your needs.
  • Rent/Subscription – At the other end of the spectrum, renting or subscribing a commercial ice maker with a service package fits those who stay really busy and do not have time to maintain their machine,  purchase replacement ice or hassle with repairs.   In this case, you never end up owning an ice machine, but neither are you ever out of ice.  All maintenance and replacement ice are included in your payment.  Operations where time is a premium can benefit from this approach.  Renting in some cases allows you to cancel more easily than leasing .

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