Advice on Buying New vs. Used Commercial Ice Machines

cleariceWhat should you consider when looking at new versus used commercial ice machines? A used commercial ice machine can save you money up front but will it be cost effective in the long term? Combining heating and cooling functions with water, commercial ice machines take a lot of wear and tear during normal operation. Here are the important points to consider:

Call the Factory -When evaluating a used ice machine, call the factory with the serial number and get the history on the ice maker. Determine who owned it originally and where it was located. For example, an ice machine that was leased and used in the southwestern United States could end up with a lot of problems. Sometimes people who lease don’t maintain the ice maker and hard water in the southwest wears out the evaporator.

Take off The Front Panel – By removing the front panel you can check for any visible corrosion. Look at the condenser coils to make sure they are not banged up or covered in chemical material. Review the evaporator and compressor to see if they are clean.

Get a Second Opinion – A simple repair to a major component like a compressor could cost you $1200.00. Most warranties will have expired on a used commercial ice machine; they average three years or less. Protect yourself by getting a knowledgeable person who can look at the unit and project your repair expenses. Sometimes a factory person on the phone can give you a list of typical repairs depending on your type of machine.

Compare and contrast your used prospect with a brand new commercial ice machine. Here are some major advantages:

Warranty – New commercial ice machines come with a commercial warranty that often times is three years parts and labor and five years on the compressor. Factories offer this peace of mind when they have confidence that their equipment will last.

Energy Star – Many new commercial ice machines are energy star qualified. You can achieve energy savings of $500 – $700 on a new machine. Plus, many state and local governments pay rebates of $100 or more for energy star equipment.

Capability – New commercial ice machines are far advanced. Diagnostic features allows you maintain your machine better and determine any problem easily; new antimicrobial features reduce the presence and mold inside your unit; programming ability allows you to dictate when you want your machine to produce ice and when you don’t.

Investing in a new commercial ice machine pays off in the long term with better performance and utility savings. Contact  to let us help you specify your new commercial ice machine!