Maximmize Your Commercial Ice Machine with the Right Accessories

icecaddySo you have purchased your new commercial ice machine and want to get the most use out of it. Here are some accessories the will benefit your operation.

  • Ice Caddies –  You can transport large quantities of ice with an ice caddy.  Generally ranging from 100 – 250 lbs in capacity, you can load up the caddy and roll it where ever you need ice.  The caddies are also insulated so you can fill them in a slower period and then roll out during the peak period for replenishment.  Remember to always drain the caddy at the end of the day.


  • Ice Tote –  Smaller ice transport needs can be handled with Ice totes and buckets that hold up to 30 lbs.   Don’t use old food product buckets!  Almost all health departments require you to have a designated ice bucket/tote.  Remember ice is a food product and should be treated that way.scoop


  • Scoops – Ice Scoops range from the 12 oz to 84 oz size in plastic or stainless steel.   Health inspectors are always on the lookout for misplaced ice scoops.  An Ice scoop in a bin sitting on top of the ice could result in a write up because of hand contact with the product.  Using scoop holders on the exterior of the bin avoids this problem.  In addition, scoop holders that have ribbed bottoms that keep the scoop out of standing water are the best standard.


  • Baggers–  Hung on the exterior of the ice storage bin,  baggers hold the 10 lb bag open for you while you fill it.  This is a great way to create a profit center!

Using the right accessories enables you to save time and money using a commercial ice machine.  Please email us at if we can help answer any of your questions!