How To Clean A Commercial Ice Machine


Well, here are instructions on how to clean a commercial ice machine.  Every three to six months, commercial ice machines need to be cleaned.   Internally in the dark, the moisture and heat of the machine will have produced algae growth and some mineral scale build up will be on the evaporator which will reduce efficiency.  Set aside 2 hours at the end of the day to thoroughly clean your commercial ice machine as follows:

  • Remove front cover of the ice machine and with a sponge with a little beach on it wipe down the evaporator and the places where the water splashed out.  You will see algae of varying colors that need to be removed.


  • Take out the distribution tube which is like a faucet that supplies water to cascade down the evaporator.  Clean the tube with hot water and remove all algae.icemachinesumpcleaner


  • If your ice maker has a cleaning mode, begin the mode and put ice machine cleaner in the sump tank under the evaporator grid. It should recirculate this solution for about 30 minutes.


  • Similarly, run your clean mode again with ice machine sanitizer in the sump tank for about 30 minutes.


  • After the cleaning cycles are over, place a bus tub or other container to catch the first sheet of ice harvested since the cleaning began.  Discard this ice is as it will have some chemical residue left on it.

Proactive measures to keep your machine include utilizing a water filter and inspecting the evaporator every few weeks.

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