Make Your Combi Oven Menu Purr! Convotherm Performs

Do you have a combi oven that takes a doctorate to use? Or are you stuck with the basic convection oven and steamer combination? Ready to elevate your mastery and results in combi oven cooking? Enter the Cleveland Convotherm Combi oven. Yes, you can steam, bake, combi steam, roast, fry, smoke and a whole host of functions with the Convotherm. However, Convotherm can set apart your results through its more efficient application of water, speed and accuracy in cooking and ergonomic and simple to use features. Read on

  • Efficient Water Application – The Convotherm has no boiler so you are not waiting long for steam or battling limed up boilers. With the spritzer technology, water is spritzing through the fan and steam is created at a lower temperature. This lower temperature steam prevents flavor transfer. Yes you can steam shrimp and spinach in the same cavity at the same time and no one would ever know. Don’t try that in a conventional steamer! The Convotherm is ventless so you can put it anywhere!! No hood required. Put in out front to demo cook or out in the hall to pull customers in.


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  • Fast with Great Results – You get even results because the fan reversing directions every 2 minutes. The Crisp n Tasty feature takes a steam filled cavity to complete dry heat to finish recipes for crispiness. You get 5 levels of humidity that covers heavy steaming to light finishing. With a smoke puck, you can smoke your favorite protein!
  • Ergonomic and Ease of Use – When you open the door, it swings 90 degrees and then retracts to the side of the cabinet so you can use two hands in loading/unloading. The door also features a two stage opening process that prevents steam from rushing out and burning you. 399 recipes can be preprogramed for ease of use. Just load your product, press the picture of what you want and walk away. Timers, temps and humidity levels are all preprogrammed for you.

We can arrange a Chef training a demo for you if you would like a live cooking event.

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